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Coupon Book

Reliable as ever, the free-standing insert continues to be the go-to vehicle for Canadian advertisers who want to drive activation, and RedPlum gives you unrivalled efficiency. Our market list provides quality over quantity in terms of circulation and reach.

  • Proven to move units
  • Delivered via quality newspapers, 8.1 million circulation
  • Select desirable markets or full national coverage
  • Category exclusive
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Flyers (Inserts)

A power influencer, inserts rank among the Top 5 paid media for impacting purchase decisions and store selections. We deliver an optimized, scalable plan using mail and/or newspaper at a local or national level. Ideal way to promote your offers, brand and increase traffic.

  • Multi-channel distribution assures best coverage
  • Sophisticated targeting through proprietary tools
  • Intriguing formats such as die-cut, scratch-and-sniff, rub off
  • Single source for creative, printing, delivery
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Newspaper Ads (ROP)

For speed to market, particularly to engage and drive sales among affluent boomers, run ROP via Valassis. With our database of over 1,600 newspapers, be assured we can place any size program for you quickly and accurately.

  • Quick solution; as fast as 24 - 48 hours from commitment
  • Newspapers include daily, community and niche publications
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Newspaper Polybags

Get billboard-impact at home with any of our 3 options; ad printed directly on the bag, with perforated coupon, or with sample. Reaches over 4.8 million households in a single day or weekend.

  • Brand Bag™ drives awareness and traffic
  • Brand Bag+™ includes a perforated coupon or call to action
  • Newspouch® has a heat-sealed pouch containing trial samples or brochures
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Direct Mail
Personalized Direct Mail

Relevancy enhances results. Get highly specific with direct mail and personalize your messages, offers, maps, language or photos to households. Flexible formats to deliver your offers and samples.

  • Highly targeted using frequent shopper data, your customer data, or demographic/behavioral/geographic mailing lists
  • Highly measurable
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Neighbourhood Direct Mail

Want to saturate a hyper-local area and attract more customers? Our neighbourhood (unaddressed) direct mail gives you a variety of options: flyers, brochures, samples and postcards.

  • Target neighbourhoods containing your most valuable prospects using geo-demographics
  • Cost-effective way to activate shoppers around store locations, locally or nationally
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Here is a can’t-miss solution to use when targeting niche consumers, or where newspaper circulation is limited, or around store locations. Delivered through a network of qualified distributors.

  • Choose door hang card, polybag or sampling
  • Targeted at radius or 6-digit postal code level
  • Reach over 70% of the total Canadian market
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Email Marketing

Email is a low-cost way to turn prospects into customers. High quality email lists can be targeted to reach your desired customer profiles at local or national levels.

  • 100% opted-in database
  • Reach prospects at home, at work, and on the go
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Display Advertising

Making sure our clients’ ads are seen is a priority. We deliver precisely targeted advertising across devices. Format choices:

  • Banners
  • Videos
  • Rich media
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Dynamic Mobile

A great way to activate consumers when they are near a particular store is via Dynamic Mobile. Builds national campaign awareness with localized, timely calls to action.

  • Click to call, get directions, view site, or download app
  • See dynamic real-time distance, store location, and maps
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Mobile Offers

Engage consumers who use shopping apps with our geo-based, mobile couponing platform to drive store traffic and sales.

  • Promote your offer in our proprietary network of mobile apps
  • Incentivize consumers when near the retail location
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Marketing Services
Canada Post Services

Mail programs are easily executed with unique, turnkey services utilizing CPC LCW data.

  • Personalized Direct Mail: Lettershop, list brokerage, letter carrier presort and processing
  • Neighbourhood Direct Mail: Forward Sortation Area (FSA), which represents the first three digits in a postal code or to distributor routes as low as 6-digit postal code

To drive a greater response and ROI, precise targeting is crucial. At Valassis, we use a unique combination of online and offline data intelligence to identify, locate and activate your best prospects

  • Pinpoint areas of high-spending potential while avoiding wasted dollars
  • Integrate and optimize print, digital and mobile media across your markets

To ensure you achieve effective, efficient coverage, we offer various means of delivering your printed advertising.

  • In the newspaper: paid subscription and community newspapers
  • In the mailbox: Canada Post
  • At the door: independent distributors
Creative Services

Whether or not you have an agency, you may need help with artwork. We know and apply best practices for coupon and promotion design.

  • Create fresh concepts or extend an existing campaign
  • Ensure proper sizing for all of our print formats
Transportation & Logistics Planning

Thanks to top-notch logistics, your printed advertising will arrive on time.

  • Shipping and logistical expertise for any distribution in Canada and the U.S.
  • Secure, real-time tracking of daily shipments delivered to all points throughout Canada

Simply put, we excel at printing our clients’ advertising inserts and direct mail pieces. Our capabilities include:

  • Sheet fed and full web lithography
  • Short run and large format digital
  • Specialty print products; i.e. polybags and sample door hang cards

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